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If your kitchen no longer brings you joy and you find yourself contemplating a renovation, Nova Luxury Interiors is here to infuse your kitchen with the exceptional touch it deserves. Whether you’re envisioning a new kitchen design or seeking kitchen renovation services in Dubai, we are committed to fulfilling your aspirations.

Equipped with a cutting-edge, technology-enabled factory, we are capable of delivering work of the highest quality.

Your needs and preferences take precedence in our approach. We revitalize your kitchen to harmonize seamlessly with your lifestyle. Employing top-tier materials, our products are built to stand the test of time. Our team of kitchen specialists provides a comprehensive array of services for your ideal kitchen, ranging from innovative designs to complete overhauls. Experience unparalleled kitchen contracting services with us.

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Kitchens stand as the focal points of a family residence. Elevating and refurbishing these nourishing spaces amplifies the positivity of your household.

Our journey begins with the concept of completely revamping or enhancing the kitchen, aiming not only for its practicality as a culinary area but also envisioning it as an alluring and lavish familial environment. A space that not only serves as a kitchen but also fosters family bonds and quality time together.

You have the option to select from our collection of acclaimed modern, Venetian, classic, or Italian designs that align with your personal style. We are committed to delivering quality and finishes that surpass your expectations.

Our kitchen renovation service encompasses a comprehensive range, including cabinets, countertops, island counters, backsplashes, designer sinks and faucets, pull-out trays, spacious racks, corner solutions, flooring, ceiling treatment, lighting, painting, as well as dimensioning and ventilation. Additionally, we provide recommendations for appliances and gadgets that complement your new kitchen seamlessly.

An assembly of adept interior designers, artisans, and a cutting-edge production facility positions us leagues ahead in the competition. Our commitment to utilizing only the highest quality materials—ranging from wood, granite, marble, to quartz countertops, hinges, runners, accessories, as well as plumbing and electrical fixtures—ensures a lifetime of service assurance.

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Nova Luxury Interiors, the premier kitchen contracting and renovation firm in Dubai, provides comprehensive renovation solutions to transform your design dreams into functional realities. Beyond just kitchen remodeling, we also rejuvenate your kitchen appliances, utilizing top-notch materials that enhance both the visual appeal of your design and its longevity. This approach allows us to deliver unparalleled, enduring design services that uphold your kitchen’s aesthetics for years to come.

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